We make sure you continue to have support

During the crisis or once the crisis or potential crisis has passed, our Follow-Up program staff provides every family with ongoing support and referrals to appropriate community resources.

Together, the caregiver and Follow Up staff identify the deeper issues that can contribute to ongoing or new crises. At time of discharge Parent and Family Support worker discuss the effectiveness of their plan in solving the current crises and future steps. Follow up staff will work with caregivers to develop a plan to build on the parents' strength

Where there is opportunity, the Follow-up program staff is available for home visits, office visits or visits within the community. In between visits, the Follow-up worker is available by telephone.

Each family is encouraged to participate in the Kids Kottage social networking and/or learning groups. With the support of staff and volunteers, families are able to take advantage of community happenings and to learn and share information and strategies to raise safe, healthy, and happy children.

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