Safe Care When Help is Needed

The Crisis Shelter stops the immediate threat of child abuse by offering emergency respite to families in crisis. Children from birth to the age of 11 are admitted for care for 72 hours or more, free of charge. The Crisis Shelter provides safe, nurturing 24 hour home away from home care during a time of crisis. During care, Kids Kottage focuses on being a source of support and guidance for parents looking to navigate their way out of crisis.

How do we help parents?

Parents who bring their children to the Kottage are met with support and encouragement

Parents can bring their children day or night

Deescalate the stress parents are experiencing

Help caregivers commit to taking action to solve the crisis

Relieve parents of parenting responsibilities for a short time

Aid parents in identifying and implementing a plan to cope with their current crisis situation and prevent future crisis

How do we help children?

Children can be kept safe and shielded from the trauma that is often experienced in times of crisis

Children are provided with basic needs – including food in the form of three healthy meals and three snacks each day, warm beds, safe care, supervised play, medical assistance when needed, clothing and shelter

Child care workers and trained volunteers care for children around the clock

Children engage in play activities that encourage the building of strong brain architecture, healthy physical growth and development of each child


If you need the help of our Crisis Prevention Shelter or would like to find out more, please contact us at 780-944-2888 or fill out the self referral form below and someone will contact you within 24 hours.

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